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We would like to give our friends the best chance to have a great day!  We just use coffee to do that. 

We select naturally sweeter Arabica coffees that are rich and smooth, well balanced, full bodied with low acidity.  We choose to buy certified Organic beans because we believe it protects us all from harmful volatile chemicals and it is better for the environment.  We also choose Fair Trade certified beans to ensure that the small family farms are paid a good wage so that they can continue to take extra care and send us some really cool coffees.

Coffee is important. Good coffee gives us a great start to the day and a positive attitude that can have a happy ripple effect on everyone we meet.  We deserve to have a great day.  We live in a magical, beautiful place full of wild things and wild places. Every day is a gift and an adventure.  We will do our best and hope that in some small way we help to make your day better and brighter. 


Enjoy your adventure!

Lee and Diane Cliff

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